Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml Zero One

It is produced from selected olives from privileged sections of our olive grove. The slightly bitter and spicy taste refers to the high content in polyphenols with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.

Metal Packaging.

Very low acidity.

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    I collect my olives in October or early November, when they are still unripe, green and glowing with firmness and life. I lose in quantity but gain in quality. If I started the harvest one month later I would take olives already in the process of ripening and therefore with less taste and nutritional value.

    I use modern harvesting equipment that respects the tree. I do not alter the structure of the soil or its organic content artificially. The soil is enriched by itself, year after year, by absorbing organic matter (leaves, dead flora) just like in a virgin forest.

    The olives are grinded within 12 hours, while the fresh olive oil is stored exclusively in stainless steel tanks. It remains there for about 3 months until most solid particles are naturally separated (precipitation). A mild filtering process with plain paper follows to remove all traces of solid particles that may later affect the quality of the olive oil.

    Packaging is the final step. No other process interferes until consumption.

    By following the highest quality standards and insisting on every painstaking detail, I get minimum acidity levels every year for many years in a row. My olive oil has an intense fruity flavor in the mouth and nose, golden color, full body and mildly ‘bitter” aftertaste vouching for its freshness.

    Zero One is organic olive oil certified from BioHellas and is classified under North Mylopotamos P.D.O., fulfilling all Agrocert quality standards at every step.

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